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5 Instant Mood Booster Songs

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Earlier this day, I’ve found a CD in my car with some of my favorite, but quite depressing songs. To be honest with you, I am fond of melancholy music. It makes me feel both happy and sad.

However, summer is a season full of joy! We all need tunes that can make our bodies shake and boost the mood. This is a reason, good enough to make me get over myself and ignore all those too touching melodies, at least for a while.

I’ve started to think about music, which instantly improves my mood.

So here’s what first came to my mind:

 1. Scott Helman – Kinda Complicated

At the moment I see Scott’s face, I start to feel awesome! He’s super cute in his own magnetic way. Scott radiates positive vibes with his music, rebel looks and ingenious lyrics.

Find more about Scott Helman and his awesome music, clicking on his name.

I pulled out some of my favorite lines and marked why I like them:

“ There’s a moment when I’m smiling, and I’m shiny, and gold
Or a bad, bad feeling creeping in my bones
And I like it that way, ’cause I’m weak in the knees
But when it’s not half-amazing, well, it kinda looks bleak”.

Why I like this lines? 

They describe very well how I often feel – jumping from one mood into another. Moody like the wind. 

“There’s a dictionary page dedicated to us
It says some days we’re gonna shine, and some days we’ll rust
But they left out the meaning, didn’t give it a name
‘Cause they couldn’t find a word for our kind of insane”

I bet that many of us felt like weirdos at some point of life.
I’ve been in situations in which I’ve been wondering how is possible to poses such an insane mind.

Being some kind of crazy is pretty normal thing nowadays, actually! 

“I’m moving forward, and you wanna rewind
I got a quick, quick fix, called a bottle of wine”

There’s almost nothing that cannot be fixed by a bottle of wine! This boy knows that well! My favorite line, indeed!

Scott said it right – We are all “Kinda Complicated”! 

2. Gramatik – Hit That Jive

When I am listening to Gramatik’s music, I am slowly starting to dance around. It makes me stop thinking about anything, but the music. I love every sound, every tune and I feel thankful for this amazing artist.

“Hit That Jive” is originally a Nat King Cole’s song. Gramatik added a sprinkle of his magic and made the song even more cheerful and playful. I like his version so much – this song made me fall in love with Gramatik’s work.

I like the sensation of carefree spirit and chill mood, which “Hit That Jive” gives me!

     3.The Derevolutions – Bad King Kong

Play this song, seriously!

If you are feeling down at the moment, I promise, your mood will change, if you willingly decide to give it a try.
It could also make you wanna have some shots, cocktails and whatever else a bartender could serve.

I’ve burned so many calories listening this song on repeat!

“Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme your love
And gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme your fun
And gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme your soul
All your time that never was”

I would like also to add  – Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme THIS SONG! 

4. Lost Frequencies & Zonderling – Crazy

I loved the song at the very first time I’ve heard it.
The video is super fresh, too – all characters involved in it make me smile instantly!

“Crazy” is a typical summer song, maybe there are many similar to it all the time, but somehow this one stands out for me. Plus, it makes me feel free, happy and light-hearted!

5. Nat King Cole – LOVE ( L-O-V-E )

The voice of this man can truly heal. Every time, when I hear a song by Nat King Cole, the world stops for a moment. I start daydreaming and dancing, without even know when I‘ve fallen into this state.

“L-O-V-E” has a special place in my heart. It is so gentle and so joyful at the same time.

I really like when Nat King Cole sings:

“V is very, very extraordinary!”. Certainly, because my name starts with a V. =)

I could listen to this song countless times in a row. I dance alone with myself and I just celebrate life.

“L-O-V-E” is not a Christmas song, but somehow it reminds of the coziness of that time of the year. For me, it’s a song, that doesn’t have to be defined by a season. You can enjoy it anytime! For example:

  • in a jazz club, drinking a glass of wine;
  • at home, by yourself, when the whole house smells of Christmas cookies;
  • chatting with a special one, while your cheeks are turning red ( Aww, sweet!)

Most importantly, it is a song in praise of love and the sparks you feel when you are crazy about someone. This is a happy feeling, which must be fully enjoyed and celebrated!

I hope you have found some mood boosters in this post! 

I would really appreciate if you share with me some of your favorite happy tunes!

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